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StewArt Photography became a registered Hervey Bay business in 1999.
During establishment, all facets of photography were catered to, including weddings and family portraits, aerial, commercial and corporate business staff portraits. Over time the product line has become specialised in corporate, commercial, aerial and real estate.

Photography developed to include video filming and editing, along with other innovative ideas. One of these was the adoption of cutting edge technology to enable photography from an elevated perspective. In 2010, remote controlled helicopters were tested and developed for the purpose of assessing the market for this type of work. In 2015, certification was completed to Australian legal requirements for commercial operations using Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) or drones, and has become very popular.

In 2016, the old and the new technologies collided to allow virtual tours from the aerial perspective, we call 'spherical panoramics'.

If you need special media for your marketing, be it your business, property development or real estate sales, StewArt Photography can be contacted by email or phone. See website for more details and samples of a few completed projects.

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